extract field data

did not get automatic extraction running

just the manual method, anyway it works

#manually open odb and change the belwo to extract
from abaqusConstants import *
odb = session.openOdb(name=myodb)
myfile = ‘E:/CurrentProjects/LDFEUltimateState/4-CPE4R-SmoothThetaa-20X20B/UniaxialCapacity/theta=89.txt’
session.xyDataListFromField(odb=odb, outputPosition=NODAL, variable=((‘RF’,  NODAL, ((COMPONENT, ‘RF1’), (COMPONENT, ‘RF2’), )), (‘U’, NODAL, (( COMPONENT, ‘U1’), (COMPONENT, ‘U2’), )), ), nodeSets=(‘SETRPPADEYE’, ))
x0 = session.xyDataObjects[‘RF:RF1 PI: ASSEMBLY N: 1’]
x1 = session.xyDataObjects[‘RF:RF2 PI: ASSEMBLY N: 1’]
x2 = session.xyDataObjects[‘U:U1 PI: ASSEMBLY N: 1’]
x3 = session.xyDataObjects[‘U:U2 PI: ASSEMBLY N: 1’]
session.writeXYReport(fileName=myfile, appendMode=OFF, xyData=(x0, x1,  x2, x3))


About yhtian

I am an academic researcher working on Offshore Geotechnical Engineering. My blog aims to write down some work related trivial things and tricks about software, programming. It is basically a memo for me to back up some thoughts and small details. But I am more than happy if someone would visit and discuss.
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