How to disable automatic Snap and Glue behavior in MS Visio 2013


Have you ever been irritated by the unruly behavior where Visio shapes automatically snap to a grid and connectors snapping to connection points without your permission? This default behavior was driving me insane on a new laptop yesterday. You can turn off snap to connection points and/or glue to connection points, among a host of other snap and glue settings. You can also add this to a the Quick Access Toolbar (the bar way at the top of the Visio window) or to the ribbon.

However, these menu options are fairly well-hidden. Here’s a quick pointer to where to find that menu.

1. Right click a blank area of the ribbon

2. Click Customize the Quick Access Toolbar

3. Select All Commands in the top-left drop-down

4. Choose Snap & Glue… in the list and add it to the list on the right.


Now you’ve got quick access to Snap & Glue settings on the Quick Start menu (the little green circle), you can stop the unwanted behavior. Click on the icon to open the Snap & Glue menu.


If you uncheck Snap and Glue in the left hand column, control of shape placement and connector behavior returns to you.



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