Writing input files without parts and assemblies

If you want Abaqus/CAE to write input files without parts and assemblies, you can use one of the following methods to change the format of input files generated by Abaqus/CAE:

When you start an Abaqus/CAE session

To change the format of the input files generated by Abaqus/CAE, you can modify the cae_no_parts_input_file parameter in the Abaqus environment file (abaqus_v6.env) as follows:


If you use this method, the input file format cannot be changed during the Abaqus/CAE session. For additional information on defining environment file parameters, refer to the Abaqus Installation and Licensing Guide.

During an Abaqus/CAE session

There are two methods that you can use to change the format of the input files generated by Abaqus/CAE.

  • Select ModelModel Attributesmodel name for the model that you want to change, then toggle on Do not use parts and assemblies in input files.

  • Enter the following Abaqus Scripting Interface command into the command line interface at the bottom of the Abaqus/CAE main window:


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