ADSL2+ + VOIP + TP-LINK Wireless router备忘

1。 电话直接接MODEM,一切用默认设置,用网线连电脑保证能上网;MODEM的IP地址是192.168.1.1;
2。 把TP-LINK ROUTER 接电脑上,先不要连MODEM。TP-LINK ROUTER的默认地址也是192.168.1.1,打开其设置窗口,把IP设为同一网段的值,不设同一网段也可能行,不去找不必要的麻烦。我的值设为192.168.1.240。把TP-LINK ROUTER的DHCP关,否则会和MODEM冲突。打开无线功能;
3。MODEM接出来的网线连到TP-LINK ROUTER上,用桥接-插入LAN口,这时从ROUTER连出来的网线应该能上网;
5。把VOIP也连在TP-LINK ROUTER上。一切就好了。



About yhtian

I am an academic researcher working on Offshore Geotechnical Engineering. My blog aims to write down some work related trivial things and tricks about software, programming. It is basically a memo for me to back up some thoughts and small details. But I am more than happy if someone would visit and discuss.
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