My favourite and frequently used softwares 我最喜欢和常用的软件

Here I list my favourite and frequently used softwares (orderless):
honestly, no reason to like but must because its open interface and widely acceptability
2. Fortran95
similiar to C which I like very much and was used to
3. Visual Studio2005
good editing environment. ps. hiding, folding and batch commenting
4. Origin
easy and powerful plotting software. love
5. Editplus
small and fast
6. UltraEdit
coloring and folding the ABAQUS input file
7. Python
like C and powerful to postprocess the ABAQUS results
8. Winmerge
recently found, very good to compare the program coding because many version of code during programming. very good
9. Getdata
very easy and good to digitise graphs, pictures to data
10. Visio
maybe the few ones I like from MS
11. EndNote
good to manage references
12. Mathematica
ever used MATLAB, now converted to Mathematica because it’s equation derivaiton ability and handwriting style


About yhtian

I am an academic researcher working on Offshore Geotechnical Engineering. My blog aims to write down some work related trivial things and tricks about software, programming. It is basically a memo for me to back up some thoughts and small details. But I am more than happy if someone would visit and discuss.
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