Origin X Function – stats

stats ix:=col(1) mean:=mymean sd:=mysd sum:=mysum n:=mynum min:=mymin max:=mymax missing:=mymiss

Origin中的一个X Function, 可用来统计平均值,均方差,和,个数,最小值,最大值,最大值以及空缺个数分别放入mymean, mysd…中
(Simwe Origin班主蓝色梧桐在origin方面可谓高手, ding…)


About yhtian

I am an academic researcher working on Offshore Geotechnical Engineering. My blog aims to write down some work related trivial things and tricks about software, programming. It is basically a memo for me to back up some thoughts and small details. But I am more than happy if someone would visit and discuss.
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